Nisha created a Pillsbury Dough Boy cake for me for a birthday. I didn’t have to give her any instruction other than the size, and the cake came out absolutely perfectly! I and my friends were completely astonished by the likeness: it could have come directly from Pillsbury, it was that good! The cake itself was also great! The cake came with a cake body, white-chocolate arms and legs, and a Rice Krispy hat, all of which were delicious! I was impressed how perfect the cake looked, and how well she timed it’s delivery. I’ll definitely go to her the next time I need a designer cake!

Pillsbury Dough BoyJason T.Rochester, MI

Nisha, my son’s graduation cake was fantastic.  It generated so many “oohs” and “aaahs” we almost hated to cut into it, but it tasted as good as it looked—so no regrets!  It was the perfect centerpiece.  We’ll definitely call you again and recommend you to family and friends.  Thanks for adding so much to my son’s party.

Graduation CakeLaurie McGuireLivonia, MI